Concert Schedule for 2024

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Snellville Concert Series is ready to ROCK the Towne Green! – Get ready to Party…and bring your dancin shoes!!!

Join us for four great summer concerts, as we ROCK the GREEN in Snellville!

Please be respectful of others and refrain from smoking on the Green.

You may bring your lawn chair or a blanket to sit on, but NO POPUP TENTS are allowed on the Green. Please be respectful of others and refrain from smoking on the Green.

Food, Beer, and Wine will be available for purchase at all the concerts this year. Coolers may be brought to the Green but will be checked at the gate as no alcoholic beverages may be brought to the Green. Individuals will NOT be allowed to bring their own BEER, WINE, OR ALCOHOLIC beverages into the concert area, this is strictly prohibited.

Food trucks and or food vendors will be available at all concerts.

Looking for VIP seating, click the link below the concert of choice to purchase a VIP table ( all VIP tables include: table with white linen table cloth and 8 chairs for 8 people ONLY). VIP tables are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.



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May 25th / Pandora’s Box
The Ultimate Aerosmith Tribute

Pandora’s Box is the Ultimate Aerosmith Tribute Band. Pandora’s Box is led by frontman Nathan Utz and guitarist Steve Taylor Greg who have the ability to make you believe that you’re at an Aerosmith concert. With Pandora’s Box, you get – superb musicianship and an amazing theatrical event.

Gwinnett Community Band 6 p.m.
Pandora’s Box starts at 7:00 p.m.


July 20th / Ray Howard Band
Earth, Wind & Fire Tribute Band

The Ray Howard Band is a classy and exciting Motown Tribute Band that specializes in The Earth, Wind & Fire Tribute shows which have sold out every performance! The band provides live music that is cross-generational, fun, with the excitement of being concert quality and a corporate headliner.

Ray Howard Band starts at 6:00 p.m.

August 24th / ZOSO – Led Zepplin Tribute

Over the 29 years and over 4500 shows since ZOSO came together as a group in the mid-‘90s, the seemingly tireless quartet continues to earn its well-deserved reputation as being, in the words of The L.A. Times, “head and shoulders above all other Led Zeppelin tributes.”

The reasons for that are manifest. For starters, surely no singer has ever captured the distinctive timbre, range, power, and seductive force of Robert Plant’s vocal delivery as adroitly as ZOSO’s lead vocalist and founder, Matt Jernigan, whose flowing, corkscrew blonde locks and leonine stage moves evoke the Plant persona perfectly.

ZOSO co-founder Adam Sandling, the band’s multi-instrumental master of electric bass, keyboards, and mandolin, likewise echoes John Paul Jones’ myriad gifts to a tee, allowing the four-piece ZOSO to perform fully fleshed-out versions of classics like “Kashmir,” “Trampled Under Foot,” and “Stairway to Heaven” that demand up to six members or more to execute in other Zep-inspired ensembles.

Samer 6 p.m.
ZOSO starts at 7 p.m.

September 28th / Latin Explosion
featuring a tribute to Gloria Estefan, JLo, Selina & Santana

 Latin Explosion – 6:00 p.m.